NACHC CEO Institute

2016 CEO Institute

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The NACHC CEO Institute (CEOI) is designed for new health center CEOs to ensure that you have the training, resources, and support you need to successfully lead your health center in today’s ever changing healthcare environment. This curriculum is designed with the “new” CEO in mind (less than 2 years of experience), but is open for all to apply.

CEOI is a six-month program designed to provide interactive and action-oriented learning experiences that meet the training needs of new CEOs.

There are five curriculum components:

  • In-person training sessions (2)
    • A two-day face-to-face training at the beginning of the Institute, designed for participants to engage and learn through shred experiences and case studies
    • A one-day face-to-face training at the end of the Institute, designed for participants to summarize their learning during the Institute and create a personal action plan to use as a guide as they continue their professional development beyond the six-month program
  • Interactive webinars
    • A virtual classroom designed to provide expert coaching and peer-to-peer interaction. (Cost: $950 per applicant)
  • Online community
    • A “safe space” where CEOs learn from the experiences of others while also sharing ideas, knowledge and practices
  • Peer mentoring
    • Seasoned health center CEOs provide support, encouragement and knowledge to participants who are just beginning their tenure at their health center
  • Self-paced online modules
    • Self-study content developed to build the baseline knowledge of a topic, paired with a Q&A conference call with a content expert.

Institute Learning Objectives:

  • The participant will identify and apply effective leadership skills and competencies such as: demonstrating effective communication skills, building beneficial interpersonal relationships, distinguishing ways to adjust one’s leadership style based on the situation, and displaying the critical thinking skills and abilities to lead others toward common goals.
  • The participant will examine the fiduciary role of the CEO and demonstrate knowledge of key health center financial measures.
  • The participant will identify and utilize key strategies to ensure a productive CEO/board working relationship.
  • The participant will demonstrate the ability to make strategic decisions using appropriate data.
  • The participant will identify and implement key strategies to achieve high performance at the health center.

This curriculum is designed to help you stay grounded in the “big picture” – on the long-term strategy and mission of the health center – not tangled up in the short-term fires that can distract you from your overarching job as CEO.

You will use the real-life challenges you are facing today to develop strategic leadership skills, health center knowledge, and peer contacts that you can use now and throughout your career.
To ensure that the group size is small enough to foster connections and meaningful participation, the Institute is limited to 50 participants.

Cost: $950 per applicant

2016 CEO Institute Brochure

CEO Institute Curriculum (as of 1/6/16)

The Institute-At-a-Glance

February-March 2016

Online Community & Kick-off Webinars (2)

March 14-15 2016
2-Day In-Person Session Prior to NACHC P&I Forum

March-August 2016
Webinars, Self-Paced Modules, & Peer Mentoring

August 2016
1-Day In-Person Session Prior to NACHC CHI


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