State Issues

NACHC works with State/Regional Primary Care Associations to educate the public, health officials and decision-makers at the local and state level regarding the crucial role that America’s Health Centers provide as a sustainable source of primary care, removing barriers to care which is critical to improving health outcomes and containing costs. NACHC provides resources and technical assistance that demonstrate the importance of fortifying the safety net. It supports efforts to:

Expand Eligibility for Medicaid: Expanding Medicaid will help millions of uninsured individuals and health center patients. The infusion of Medicaid dollars generates economic activity resulting in job creation.

Ensure Adequate Payment for Safety Net Providers: States are developing new payment and service delivery models that have the potential to lower costs while improving quality of care for program beneficiaries. As states reform their payment systems, health centers need to be incorporated and payments should be adequate, using the FQHC Prospective Payment System as a floor. Sufficient reimbursement allows health centers to increase capacity to serve more patients.

Support Policies and Efforts to Conduct Effective Outreach and Enrollment: Health centers have been leaders in their communities in connecting individuals with health insurance coverage and increasing access to care.

Increase or Provide State Funding for Health Centers: Health centers rely on state funding to address a wide range of needs including financing for capital projects, providing care to the uninsured and expanding services and hours.

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