Hiring Our Nation’s Veterans

NACHC has produced fact sheets and resources that showcase the opportunities for employment at Community Health Centers. The documents were produced as part of a joint initiative between the White House, Health and Human Services, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and NACHC to assist veterans in obtaining jobs with health centers around the country. The stated goal is to hire an average of one veteran per grantee site by the end of 2014– resulting in the hiring of 8,000 veterans.

05-27-2015 Making the Connection and Continuing to Serve: A Veteran Hiring Toolkit for CHCs and Veterans
Community Health Centers (CHCs) provide a wide range of employment opportunities for Veterans and are a natural fit for transitioning Service members. With a singular mission to serve the community, the core values that define military service also guide Community Health Centers: mission driven, service-oriented, loyal, and accountable.This toolkit was created to give CHCs the information they need to establish or expand a Veteran hiring strategy and create a Veteran friendly workplace and help Veterans explore health center career opportunities.
12-19-2013 Veterans Hiring in Community Health Centers-Case Studies and Recommendations
The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) conducted a series of interviews and case study analyses to explore effective strategies that have been employed at local health centers to recruit, train and retain Veterans re-entering the workforce. This Issue Brief describes best practices identified at three health centers.
12-19-2013 Veteran Hiring in Community Health Centers-Best Practices and Lessons Learned
This Issue Brief draws from recent interviews with senior executives in health centers, as well as stories from recently hired veterans, to portray lessons for health center management in the development of their strategies to hire and retain veterans. Veterans face many barriers to employment during the transition from active duty to civilian life: translating military experience into civilian work skills, accessing and connecting to community resources and programs, and finding available opportunities in the private sector. This report summarizes approaches to recruit, hire and retain military veterans and provides perspectives and lessons learned from health centers coming from disparate geographic locations and serving different populations.
05-07-2013 ISSUE BRIEF-Hiring Veterans
05-07-2013 Veteran Employment Opportunities in Health Centers
05-07-2013 Making Connections for Veterans with Health Centers
05-07-2013 Hiring Vets Resources from DOL
05-07-2013 Local Vets Employment Reps (LVER)/Disabled Vets Outreach Program (DVOP)
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